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Kenny Productsis the manufacturer and the supplier of promotional items like identification badges, name-tags and lanyards. Apart from this, the company also specializes in badge findings and accessories, silicone wristbands, and lapel pins. The company started operating in 1985 and since then it has been constantly offering its expertise and its services in the form of top quality promotional and useful products. The officials working with the company put in their best efforts in providing the services that they can offer.

Badge Accessories

The wide range of badge accessories manufactured and supplied by Kenny Productsincludes badge holders, lanyards, badge reels, credential cards, name-tags, badge clips and pins, metal badges, badge magnets, lapel pins, and coins and medals. . The company always ensures that the services offered and the prices charged for the products are top notch and customer friendly. There are special offers available for some special products which are not positioned on the web store. The customized products are provided according to the specific requirements of the customers. Rhinestone lanyards and custom lanyards make for the most popular badge accessories.

Gift Items

Recently, the Kenny Productshas expanded its business and has started manufacturing and supplying gift items like tote bags, water bottles, rubber wristbands, pens and key chains. Since, the company serves in the form of a manufacturer, it possesses the ability of offering its services and products at the best price available within the industry. The gift items supplied by Kenny possess good quality and they are sought after by those interested in getting some unique gifts for their near and dear ones. The gift items are customized according to the preferences of the customers and they are also made available within a very affordable price range. 

8th Dec 2015 russell acedillo

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